All metal structures and products experience negative corrosive environments effects. Annually, about a quarter of all iron produced in the world is wasted because of corrosion.

However, not only the loss of metals, but the deterioration of metal products comes at a high cost. The costs per repair or replacement of components of ships, automobiles, chemical equipment, instruments, buildings and communication lines exceed greatly the cost of the metal from which they were made.

Anti-corrosive protection of metal structures ensures the durability and reliability of building structures - this is a top priority goal for Sintel LLC.

Anti-corrosive protection of metal structures

  • Sandblasting of metal and reinforced-concrete surfaces

  • Tanks, reservoirs for various purposes (water, oil products, corrosive solutions)

  • Communications towers, masts, lightning rods, high-rise structures

  • Crane trestles, pipe racks, gantry cranes/overhead cranes, block valve stations, equipment

  • Industrial metal structures, load-bearing structures of departments, trusses, beams

  • Metal chimneys

  • Acid-resistant protection of metal structures, organization of rubber-coated surfaces

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