Assembling of technological
equipment and pipelines

Many industrial enterprises reconstruct and modernize equipment, increase productive capacities, purchase new modern process equipment, replace engineering networks and communication lines.

At such important events assembling should be performed by qualified specialists at high quality standards and in due time. 

The Sintel Company quickly and professionally assemblies process equipment and pipelines at the facilities of oil-and-gas, heat-and-power, chemical and metallurgical complexes.

Assembling of technological equipment and pipelines

    • Assembling, repair of major pipelines (gas pipelines, oil pipelines, oil-products pipelines)
    • Assembling, repair of pipelines for various purposes (water, steam, oil, gas)
    • Assembling of reservoirs, tanks
    • Assembling and repair of equipment and pipelines of process lines
    • External, internal, process and power communication lines
    • Assembling of pipelines for steam distribution and condensate collection
    • Reconstruction of heat and power facilities, external and internal engineering networks
    • Assembling of material-handling equipment: overhead cranes, crane runways, telphers, etc.
    • Assembling of ventilation pipes and chimneys
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