Shutdown maintenance is a scheduled preventive maintenance of an enterprise, production, department or a separate facility, which is possible only in case of the complete shutdown of the enterprise, production, department.

An important criterion for the work performance during shutdown maintenance is the compliance with the maintenance deadlines since they are limited. Therefore, well-timed preparation of the facility for repair, as well as well-timed delivery of necessary materials is required.

Sintel LLC has experience in performing shutdown maintenance at industrial enterprises within the shortest possible period of time. At the same time, the company can perform various types of works and adapt to the Customer needs.

Maintenance of pipelines and equipment, assembling of equipment (including large-size equipment)

  • Thermal insulation of pipelines of heating systems and flues
  • Repair of pipelines of recycling water supply
  • Replacement of pipelines and repair of mechanical equipment
  • Repair of bathes of a mill heating furnace
  • Replacement of a hot gas pipeline
  • Maintenance of a heating system
  • Maintenance of dust-exhaust system pipes of a chemical line of brass-plating units

Lining works

  • Repair of a liner of a hydrochloric acid regeneration unit 
  • Repair of a liner of heating furnaces 
  • Repair of chimney liners

Painting and anti-corrosive protection

  • Repair and protection of tanks surfaces, reservoirs for various purposes
  • Painting of equipment and metal structures, pipe racks
  • Repair of chemical protective coating
  • Restoration of anti-corrosive coating of secondary trusses, trusses, beams, supports
  • Restoration of anti-corrosive coating of masts, towers, cranes
  • Replacement and strengthening of metal structures of building crane beams


  • Equipment and pipelines
  • Reinforced-concrete, brick and metal chimneys
  • Buildings and constructions
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