Rope access is a technology for performing high-rise services at industrial and other facilities when ascending or descending along a rope or using other mountaineering technics of movement and protection.

This approach allows performing various types of works in places hardly accessible for other devices without using special equipment and lifting mechanisms.

The rope access is widely used in various fields of work. By means of the rope access, facade works (finishing works, repair, and reconstruction) are performed, hinged facades and metal structures are mounted, and inter-panel joints are pressure-sealed. Rope access technicians are key specialist for roofing works and installation of electrics under the conditions of high altitudes.

All the main activities of Sintel LLC are performed at height and in hardly accessible places, which are difficult to reach without the use of bulky and expensive equipment. 

Rope access

  • Repair, painting and reconstruction of reinforced-concrete, brick, metal chimneys, exhaust towers, pilling towers, reservoirs, cooling towers (up to 200 m high)
  • Disassembling of reinforced-concrete, brick and metal chimneys
  • Lining works during the repair of chimneys, air ducts
  • A range of works on acid-resistant protection of chimneys
  • Repair and strengthening of reinforced-concrete cooling towers shells
  • Inspection of reinforced-concrete, brick, metal chimneys, cooling towers, technical statements are to be issued
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