Repair of reservoirs and major pipelines

Sintel LLC protects and repairs vertical and horizontal reservoirs, a vertical stock tank, tanks for oil products, corrosive solutions, water, storage facilities and major pipelines.

Enterprises operating steel reservoirs for a long period of time face the need for repair, because the reservoirs are subject to wear and tear, corrosion, which reduces the structural reliability.

Corrosion attack is the most common cause for damage of oil and gas pipes.

High-quality protection of pipelines, maintenance and restoration of the original performance characteristics of the major pipeline integrally or of its separate sections ensure their long-term service life.

Sintel LLC repairs reservoirs and major pipelines.

Repair of reservoirs and major pipelines

  • Repair and anti-corrosive protection of tanks, reservoirs for various purposes (oil products, corrosive solutions, water)
  • Welding and assembling repair works of defective places of above-ground and underground tanks (a bottom, a wall, and a roof)
  • Repair and anti-corrosive protection of major pipelines (gas pipelines, oil pipelines, oil-products pipeline)
  • Repair of pipeline damages using a composite coupling method
  • Sandblasting of reservoir surfaces and major pipelines
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